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Eden Bouchoucha
CEO, Seed Real Estate
I had an amazing experience with the GoldenLion team. They are building the CRM system for my real estate business with powerful automation. I found them great at their communication, quality of work, and ability to find a solution.
Real Estate Agency CRM - Everything in One Place

Everything in One Place

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device

Created specifically for real estate agencies on award winning Zoho CRM, Real Estate Agency CRM delivers outstanding value with an astounding array of features for a fraction of the cost of any comparable industry system.

real estate agency crm
Guy de la Porte,
Airport Property
I have just migrated to GoldenLion’s Real Estate CRM which is built on the Zoho CRM. I am very impressed with the GoldenLion Team and their commitment to customize their Real Estate CRM to work perfectly in line with my process and to get me up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible. I now have a 360-degree view of my contacts, properties and related interactions.
Real Estate Agency CRM - Getting Started

Getting Started

Run Your Business from CRM Home Page

With Real Estate Agency CRM you can access all key matrices of your business and important updates from the home page itself and run your real estate agency like never before!

Real Estate Agency CRM - Manage Your Properties

Manage your Properties

Both Residential and Commercial

With Real Estate Agency CRM you can create and manage both Residential and Commercial properties for “Sale” and “Rent” listing type with locations and images of the property.

Real Estate Agency CRM - Help Seller List Property

Help Seller List Property

Get Properties Submitted Effortlessly

With Real Estate Agency CRM you can get sellers submit their properties via Website Forms. Once submitted it lands straight inside your Properties module with status marked as “Under Validation”.

Real Estate Agency CRM - Publish Property on Website

Publish in Website

Sync Properties from CRM to Website

You can sync Properties from Real Estate Agency CRM to your website in just one click. You can even mark a property as “Featured Property” in CRM and that updates your website instantly. This feature is available as an add-on to Real Estate Agency CRM at an additional price.


Lead Capturing Made Easy

Lead Capturing from Website

With the Real Estate Agency CRM in place, you can now capture all your inquires automatically. What’s more, you can start the lead nurturing process immediately with automated emails that are tailored for your business!


Manage Your Sales Cycle

Manage Your Sales Cycle

Real Estate Agency CRM lets you better manage your sales cycle and track the progress of a lead throughout the sales cycle. Whatmore, useful automation makes lead nurturing and deal management super easy for you!


Property Recommendations

Generate Property Recommendations

The Real Estate Agency CRM lets you generate property recommendations for each new prospect with just one click. Once you have the requirements of the prospect captured in the CRM, the system matches the same with all available properties and generates the recommendation in a jiffy!


Matching Leads and Contacts

Matching Leads and Contacts

Looking at marketing a new property? Look at your existing Leads and Contacts before searching for a prospect elsewhere. The Real Estate Agency CRM matches the property specifications with the requirements of the Leads and Contacts and identifies the ones you can market this property to.


Invoice Buyers or Sellers

Generate Invoice in One Click

With the Real Estate Agency CRM, you can choose to invoice either buyers or sellers, or both. For every deal, you can choose who to raise the invoice to and generate the same in one click.


Track Performance

Reports and Dashboards

Real Estate Agency CRM comes with tons of useful reports and dashboards that help you in tracking the health of your business, predict revenue, and much more. You can also create additional reports as and when you need and customize the dashboards for each role.

Real Estate Agency CRM
Dwaine Clarke
President, GCT Commercial Real Estate
Great communication. CRM system came out as requested. Will come back for future additional work. Thanks!

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USD 40/User/Month

Billed Annually or USD 50 Month-to-Month

Subscription Fee

INR 2400/User/Month

Billed Annually or INR 3000 Month-to-Month

One Time Fee

USD 1997

15 Hours of Coaching and Done for You services (Additional hours @ USD 32/Hour)

One Time Fee

INR 1,20,000 + Tax

15 Hours of Coaching and Done for You services (Additional hours @ INR 1920 + Tax/Hour)

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Tony Bales
Dealmaker, Epping Property
Epping Property has been exceptionally impressed with the way GoldenLion has managed to customise Zoho to work with our real estate business. Every single member of the GoldenLion team that we have come into contact with has been very personable, professional and knowledgable. We would highly recommend GoldenLion to anyone wanting to take Zoho to a new level!

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